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Save The Turtles™ Boba Straws Set - Silver

$13.99 USD
Save The Turtles™ Boba Straws Set - Silver - Save The Turtles

Save The Turtles™ Boba Straws Set - Silver

$13.99 USD

How do you align your love of bubble tea with your eco-minded values? Easy: with these metal boba straws! They're wide enough for you to sip boba tea, thick smoothies, and creamy milkshakes while being sturdy enough to replace thousands of flimsy single-use plastic straws during your lifetime.

If bubble tea is your drink of choice and preserving our planet is your driving passion, then these Save the Turtles straws are a must-have. They're sturdy, come in a sleek silver color, and showcase classic style that will get you noticed in a good way. Fully portable, they ensure you'll never be without a straw on picnics, lunch dates, and trips to your favorite fast food joint. The pack includes a convenient cleaning brush that makes it easy-breezy to sweep away bits of fruit from the inside of the straws. Your metal straws, the oceans, and your conscience will be clean and pristine!

Rock up to the coffee shop with these metal straws in your purse and not only will you be prepared for indulging in bubble tea but you'll also be spreading eco-awareness via stylish, intelligent activism. Eco-sound and boba-tea-friendly, these stainless steel straws make a statement that others can't ignore.

The oceans are choking. Turtles are in trouble. Our planet needs our help. Big-chain restaurants are slowly making the switch to sustainability, and now, you can too thanks to these reusable straws!

  • Made of food-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel which is FDA-approved and BPA-free
  • Leave no metal aftertaste and are not susceptible to oxidation so they stay rust-free
  • Dishwasher-safe and includes a cleaning brush for hand-washing
  • Lifetime guarantee: we'll replace for free in the event of damage
  • Each straw measures 8.46 x 0.47 inches